Our worship is a mixture of current and contemporary praise and worship choruses, and classic Christian hymns and songs with a rock or gospel feel.  We strive to choose music that people can sing and connect with across all generations.  Our band strives for musical quality that is Holy Spirit driven and inspires a genuine encounter with God.

Below you will find several quotes that capture our heart for worship.  Whether you’re a gospel lover, or looking for something that flows w/ inspiring choruses, there’s a style of music to worship to at New Hope…


“Worship must be – Christ centered, Holy Spirit led, a Response to the Father, about Intimacy and Service and always lead to Transformation!”
Tim Hughes

“As John 4:23 says, Its time, as worshipers of God, to give him all we have. For
when he is exalted, everything about me is decreased. So many times we stand in the
way of really stepping into the secret place of worship with God. Just abandon tradition
and the “expected” ways of Praise & Worship and get lost in the holy of holies with the
sole intention of blessing the Fathers heart.”
Jessica Leah Springer

“When I worship, I would rather my heart be without words than my words be without
Lamar Boschman

“Worship is first and foremost for His benefit, not ours, though it is marvelous to
discover that in giving Him pleasure, we ourselves enter into what can become our
richest and most wholesome experience in life.” p.58 “A Heart For Worship” by Lamar
Graham Kendrick